It’s with mixed emotions that we update you regarding Day Camp and Junior Day Camp for this upcoming summer.

Let’s start with the good news!

We’re thrilled to share that we have been collaborating with the MSDWT and the USTA on plans for 26 brand new outdoor courts at North Central High School, funded entirely by the community support of the MSDWT Referendum!

After a few years of planning, demolition of all 30 courts began on March 14th. While the end result will be incredible, it does present challenges for upcoming programming.

Through this process we have been reminded of how lucky we are to have the best facility in Midwest. With 30 full size courts, 4 QuickStart courts, the tennis house, and the surrounding athletic facilities it is, quite simply, impossible to replicate.

This impacts our campers, who spend their entire day on central campus – from the courts, to the tennis house, to the NC pool, and the surrounding areas. It’s a vital part of what makes Camp successful!

Which leads us to….

After significant reflection and research into other potential options, we don’t feel as though we could offer the same quality and experience at an off-site location. As a result, Camp and Junior Day Camp will not be offered this upcoming summer. 

BUT – there’s more good news!

Although those two specific groups will not be meeting, other classes will. We’ve worked hard and taken several steps to ensure our ability to provide the same quality instruction in those groups that we have for the last 58 years.

The Beginner Crash Camp, the group most similar to our day camp, will meet Monday – Thursday from 9 am – 12pm at Sahm Park (6801 E 91st Street).

Other options, including evening classes at Brebeuf High School, are also available.

Registration is open for these groups, just act fast — space truly is limited.

In the interim, we’re planning a most spectacular Day Camp for Summer 2023 with all new facilities!