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Outstanding ICTP Midwest Closed Results

Two thumbs up for our players representing the Indianapolis Community Tennis Program in the 2016 Midwest Closed! There were many, many outstanding performances.  Congratulations to our champions. We could not be prouder!

67 of the 104 CITA Endorsed Players are ICTP Players

Singles Results

Champion Boys’ 18 Singles: Lukas Greif

Champion Girls’ 18 Singles: Sara Daavettila

Runner-Up  Boys’ 14 Singles: Ian Brady

Runner-Up Girls’ 14 Singles: Ellie Pittman

3rd Place Boys’ 18 Singles: Johnathan Small

5th Place Boys’ 14 Singles:  Nishesh Basavareddy

5th Place Girls’ 16 Singles: Briana Crowley

5th Place Girls’ 14 Singles: Soren Leichter

6th Place Boys’ 12 Singes: Mace Shoults

9th Place Girls’ 14 Singles: Emily Desai

9th Place Boys’ 16 Singles: Patrick Fletchall

9th Place Girls’ 16 Singles: Kiersten Carlson, Halli Trinkle

9th Place Girls’ 18 Singles: Claire Reifeis, Lauren Lemonds

Doubles Results

Champion Girls’ 18 Doubles: Sara Daavettila

Champion Girls’ 16 Doubles: Kiersten Carlson

Runner-Up Girls’ 14 Doubles: Soren Leichter

Runner-Up Boys’ 18 Doubles: Johnathan Small

Runner-Up Boys’ 18 Doubles: Lukas Greif

Runner-Up Boys’ 14 Doubles: Nishesh Basavareddy

Runner-Up Boys’ 14 Doubles: Nishanth Basavareddy

Runner-Up Boys’ 16 Doubles: Cole Shoults

3rd Place Girls’ 16 Doubles: Meg Coleman

3rd Place Girls’ 16 Doubles: Briana Crowley

3rd Place Girls’ 18 Doubles: Maeve Koscielski

3rd Place Boys’ 14 Doubles: Ian Brady

Special congratulations to Kiersten Carlson for being awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the tournament.