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Congratulations, Steve Wakefield!

Congratulations to Steve Wakefield on receiving the USTA Central Indiana Presidential Award!

This award is to recognize someone who throughout their lifetime has made outstanding contributions in the Central Indiana District to innovate, promote, and grow the game of tennis.

It goes without saying that this recognition is much deserved! Steve has made countless contributions in not just growing and influencing the game, but also helping to shape so many young people. It has been an honor and a privilege to have Steve as a valued member of our staff for nearly 45 years.

From the CITA Awards Ceremony Program:

Steve began his tennis career in 1974 at the Indianapolis Racquet Club under Ed Brune and spent summers teaching at Broadmoor Country Club. In 1977 Barbara Wynne hired Steve to teach at the Washington Township Tennis Program and run the Western Closed Tennis Championships for Boys and Girls 16s and 18s. Through opportunities at IRC and the (now) Indianapolis Community Tennis Program he has run over 400 junior tennis tournaments in which most serious high school players in Indiana have competed, learning skills, sportsmanship and life lessons dealing with competitors and teammates. After 45 years he retired from teaching at IRC but continues to referee tournaments and this summer marked his 44th year at the Indianapolis Community Tennis Program. 

He is a certified tennis referee and umpire, and a lifelong member of the United States Tennis Association. He has run international, national, sectional, district, and local junior tournaments for 43 years as tournament director and referee. He has received the Cap Leighton Award from the USTA/Midwest Tennis Association, the Stan Malless Award from the Central Indiana Tennis Association and was inducted into the IHSTeCA Hall of Fame in 2014. 

“Tennis as a lifetime sport” is the mantra (adopted from Barbara Wynne) he has lived by for his 45+ year tennis career.