As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, the USTA has suspended tournament play until Mid-July 2020.

For comparison, tournament information from 2019 is listed below until we are able to resume regularly scheduled tournament play.

In 2019 The Indianapolis Community Tennis Program will be hosted 20 different tournaments during the summer months. Along with a variety of USTA tournaments we also held exciting new UTR events. These events are a great new way for players to improve and compete. From junior to adult and beginner to experienced there are opportunities for anyone to get on court! New in 2020, the Indianapolis Community Tennis Program is an official UTR Club, the only UTR Club in the surrounding area!

UTR Tournaments: Based on the universal ranking system, these tournaments focus solely on player level and erases gender or age categories. Through this process, these events create the purest form of competition, fun, and improvement for all those who choose to play.

UTR Tournament Schedule:

Event 1 (5/12/19)

Event 2 (5/25/19)

Event 3 (6/5/19)

Event 4 (6/12/19)

Event 5 (6/19/19)

Event 6 (7/3/19)

Event 7 (7/10/19)

Event 8 (7/17/19)

Event 9 (7/24/19)

Event 10 (8/3/19)

USTA Tournament Schedule:

Barbara S. Wynne Jr. Open; Level 4 (5/17-5/19)

CITA Qualifier BG 18, 16, 14, 12 (6/8-6/11)

Indianapolis Adaptive Stand Up Open Tournament (6/14-6/16)

Indianapolis Wheelchair Open Tournament (6/14-6/16)

USTA Midwest Championships Level 1 BG 18, 16 (6/22-6/27)

Indiana State Doubles Open (6/27-6/30)

ATA Mid Tac Championships Adults and Juniors (7/4-7/6)

Hoosier Open BG 10-18s (7/6-7/8)

Wash Township Orange Ball; Youth Progression Open (8/4)

End of Season Net Generation Team Challenge Tournament (8/18)

More Tournament Info:

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