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New INDY Program Announcement

It’s not a secret that money continues to be the biggest driver, and often barrier, or early participation in sports. We’re choosing to remove that barrier, creating opportunity for those who need it most.

The Indianapolis Tennis and Education Foundation will pilot the INDY (Inspiring, Nurturing, Developing Youth) Program in the summer of 2021. This new program has recently been designated a new chapter of the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL).

Partnering with surrounding elementary schools, fifty at-risk second grade students will be selected for this free ten week program.

A combination of tennis instruction and education will focus on overall health, wellness, and social and emotional skills. Racquets and equipment, healthy snacks, and a specially trained staff for all fifty children are all provided at no cost to the players’ families.

Each two-hour clinic will incorporate tennis skills with activities that instill the critical life skills of problem solving, cooperation, and communication.

Because, in the end, we know it’s not just about the game. It’s determination, taking a risk, and sportsmanship. It’s about building skills to help them reach their full potential, both on and off the court.

All children, regardless of their financial stability, deserve the chance to build these skills.

YOU can be the one to help change not just the players’ summers, but their lives.

To join the cause, empower children, and ensure the necessary resources are available at no cost to their families, please click below.