Tennis Program Volunteer Corps

This new program gives tennis program participants ages 10 and over the opportunity to get out and make a difference! Through helping out during classes and red ball round robin tournaments, participants will learn a great deal of life long skills as well as make new lasting friendships. Along with the classes and tournaments, participants will also be given the option to supervise table tennis and chess club or help with gardening around the facility. The program will also include several educational sessions by renowned sports psychologist, Dr. Rob Bell, who will discuss the value of “giving back” and helping out in the community. As well as the rewarding feeling of giving back to the community and the valuable sessions by Bell, participants who volunteer a minimum of eight hours will be awarded an official TPVC shirt that symbolizes all of their hard work. The volunteer corp was founded to teach the importance of giving back and works to display how fun and easy it can be. Learning to work with children, supervise a match, or maintain the facility are all wonderful experiences which participants can take with them for the future.


Volunteer opportunities will be given according to age and stage of participation in the program*