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ICTP Qualifier Success

In this years CITA Midwest Qualifier, ICTP players in all age groups had great success in singles and doubles.


B12: Colin McPeek (3rd)

B14: Reese Knoderer (5th)

B16: Nishesh Basavareddy (1st), Petar Petrovic (2nd), Broc Fletcher (3rd), Ajay Mahenthiran (5th)

B18: Jagger Saylor (1st), Aidan Harris (2nd), Ian Brady (3rd), Sajin Smith (4th), Presley Thieneman (5th)

G12: Laurel Buttrick (4th)

G14: Mischa Briggs (1st), Elyse Nelson (6th)

G16: Sophie Herrman (4th)

G18: Ellie Pittman (1st), Emily Desai (3rd), Caroline Kittle (6th)


B16D: Broc Fletcher/Ajay Mahenthiran (1st), Jones McNamar/Cole Metzger (2nd)

B18D: Nishanth Basavareddy/Sajin Smith (1st), Jagger Saylor/Abe Wojtalik (2nd)

G14D: Mischa Briggs/Chase Boyer (1st)

G16D: Sophie Herrman/Sydney Morris (2nd)

G18D: Emily Desai/Ellie Pittman (1st), Caroline Kittle/Melinda Alviar (2nd)

Congratulations to all of our players on an extremely successful tournament!