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Top Ten Things We Love About the Program

In honor of Giving Tuesday players and coaches, both past and present, contributed their favorite things about the program. Today you can join the Giving Tuesday movement by gifting the game of tennis. More than that, by donating today, you will also gift the children of our community these Top 10 things and more.

Without further ado, the “Top Ten Things We Love About the Program” (as voted upon by players, coaches, and tennis families):

10. Tennis Family

9. The Player/Coach Bond – The best part about this entry? Both players and coaches submitted this response!

8. It’s FUN!

7. Tournament Opportunities – Whether it’s the Qualifier, Midwest Closed, or the IHSAA State Finals, or an entry level tournament, our players have the best competition on their own home courts.

6. All Ages and Abilities – On any given day, you can look across a deck of courts and see a Grand Slam Champion, a nationally ranked junior, a middle school team member, and a three year old beginner. We have it all.

5. The Tradition – The Awards Banquet, joke of the day, celebrating BB’s birthday…we’ve compiled many, many traditions over the 57 years.

4. Feeling the Love – “The way you feel the energy and love of tennis the second you walk in the doors.” and “BB and the entire staff makes sure every player feels loved.”

3. The Staff – “The coaches are all so dedicated and passionate about tennis – that same passion gets passed onto players and sticks with us.”

2. Lifelong Friendships

1. Best Facility in the Midwest (…or country?!)

Want to give these ten things and more?

Giving Tuesday 2020

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