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We’ve Changed Our Name!

We believe that tennis is much more than just a sport. That’s why for over 50 years the Indianapolis Junior Tennis Development Fund, Inc., or as we are better known for our charitable actions, the Indianapolis Community Tennis Program, has used tennis as a vehicle for education.

The game of tennis enables players to learn life skills and core values like determination, discipline, sportsmanship, and integrity. Skills that help not just on the court, but throughout life.

These educational components have quietly been at the forefront of our programming. Each clinic, tournament, program event and educational opportunity further instills these life skills and values, while focusing on the development of our participants not just as players, but as the people they are becoming.

By changing our foundation’s name to the Indianapolis Tennis and Education Foundation, Inc., we’ve loudly embraced who we’ve always been: a program that develops junior tennis and players, focusing on all that it encompasses, throughout the entire Indianapolis community. 

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