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Gavin Guffey, Essay Winner

Congratulations, GAVIN GUFFEY!



“After watching the virtual fireside chat with Billie Jean King, what motivational messages did Ms. King share with the audience that will help make you a better tennis player and a better person?


Fireside Chat with Billie Jean King

During the Virtual Fireside Chat with Billie Jean King, I noticed that Ms. King mentioned many helpful messages, tips, and quotes that you could live by to become a better person and tennis player. All of the advice she gave is very useful to improve your trust in yourself, your work ethic, and your belief in others and their abilities. I believe that if you follow and use all of her advice you could be better at tennis and be an overall better person.   

Ms. King got my attention early in her speech by saying that pressure is a privilege. It shows that you should not think of pressure as a chance to win or lose but an opportunity to become better both on and off the court. She also advised people to take life one day at a time. This advice can make you better at tennis because you take it one point or one game at a time instead of looking too far ahead. It could make you a better person by helping you realize the need to focus on the present and to enjoy the life you have now. Next, she said that you never know how someone will impact your life. This can help you be a better tennis player and person because it teaches you to include everyone when you are either playing tennis or doing various activities with other people.

Ms. King said that tennis touches everyone’s life and gives you friends. By playing tennis and making friends, you are getting better and surrounding yourself with trustworthy, nice people.  The last point she made was to not compare yourself to others. This helps you to encourage yourself by not comparing your progress to other people. You should instead try to be better than you were yesterday, and the day before that.

Overall, I had a great time watching Billie Jean King talk about her life and thought it was very helpful for young people and tennis players like me. Hopefully I can use her advice and work to become the best tennis player and person I can possibly be.